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Vanilla Kisses
   Norwegian Forest Cat
VK came to us in the Fall of 2003, from the Canadian Humane Society.
This breed is similar to a Main Coon.
Norwegian Forest cats have a thick main, silky coat. 
Bushy long tails, that they carry up in the air like a beacon.
These curious kitties have a "chirp" rather than a mew. 
Tuffs of fur from their ears. Long triangular faces, and almond shaped eyes.
They'd rather be out doors, preferably in trees...thus their name
                                             Below~My grandson is intrigued, as she is curious of him.

Vanilla Kisses loves to play, she will try to capture anything that wiggles or creeps.
When she plays her mouth is always open, ready for the kill...so funny!
Vanilla Kisses has a multicast colored coat (tortes shell)
with the "M" marking on her forehead. 
Below~Her fur will get exceptionally thick in winter months.
Eyes Face and a Chirp
 Vanilla Kisses
* has bright green, almond shaped eyes. 
*A long narrow triangular shaped face...as do cats of her breed have.
*Out doors is her favorite place to be, if she cant be out she will sit gazing out the window.
*V.K's meow is more like a chirp then mew. 
This is typical in Norwegian Forest cats.
"Mom did you say I chirp???"

Not Too Rough
 Vanilla Kisses doesn't care for the grandchildren rough housing,
but will allow them to pick her up and carry her about...
 Come back!!!
But she really does like the children...and is curious of them. 
She'll eventually go back to them.

The Beacon
Her tails stands up right and dips at the tip...like a beacon...
Announcing to all here I come !
*typical in Norwegian Forest Cats.

                                                               Bow for a Kiss
 Vanilla Kisses is a funny kitty...
 she will bow her head so people can pat her,
she will expect kisses on her forehead from furry family members.
Below~her pal Frankie, in the fully fenced yard.
Below~bowing for her pal Joey to give her a kiss
 Vanilla gives a gentle head touch to our now passed 18 year old Tabbitha, 
(Tabbithas blog HERE)
Sadly, Tabs is too ill to give kisses, we lost our beautiful fawn tabby cat to FIP, in 2010. 
Vanilla Kisses and the others felt her absence. 

 Lions Main.
 Vanilla Kisses has a long soft coat that hangs heavy around her neck, like a lions main.
Typical in a Norwegian Forest Cat
Two Different Coats
Vanilla Kisses will fight us tooth and nail not to have her coat brushed, or nails clipped! 
She has 2 different coats, only found in the Norwegian Forest Cat; 
A thick undercoat for warmth, which will mat when she sheds in spring, 
and a silky water proof overcoat that seldom needs attention. 
But her pal Ivy, a Peek Blue Point Himalayan Persian, will sheds all the time but especially in spring.
Unlike Vanilla Kisses, Ivy will sit for hours enjoying a good brush.

A Hunter and a Climber
 You can always find Vanilla Kisses out doors...prowling the yard, seeking prey... hunting!
"Not too many things to capture here, under mommy's watchful eye"

"Mommy doesn't let me play with the birds!"

You can find Vanilla climbing trees....She does this effortlessly, as her name indicates
 Norwegian Forest Cat.
She has been seen, tiring to teach the other cats how to climb trees.
mom and dad
Vanilla Kisses will jump onto mommies lap for cuddles, she will usually come to me when I call.
"That's because mommy saved me from the shelter...."
 below-Displaying indignation,  in daddy's over crowded arms...
She does not like to be held, when she doesn't want to and will wiggle to get free!

All our fur babies love to play with the wrapping paper at Christmas time...

Vanillas favorite place to rest, is on 'her' leather chair.
 Vanilla Kisses is about 10 years old, as of 2012.
 She is a very smart cat, with a wonderful dis-potion..

 Vanillas  Earlier Years....
Vanilla Kisses came with her pretty name from the Humane Society. 
Although we lived in an apartment then I agreed to her adoption. 
She is now part of the family...
 Although my son Jake is allergic to cats, he will suffer the consequences to hold our soft sweet kitty.

 She still to this day, she dips her paws in my glass and licks her paw....
My daughter, is holding both Vanilla Kisses, and a young Mr. Jangles...
(we adopted Mr. Jangles...who now belongs to my grandson.)
(below) A rare sight-Vanilla Kisses giving kisses!
In the window
 " A new tree being planted for me!"
a cherry tree for kitty...
The Norwegian Forest Cat has an interesting story on how they came to the 
                                                           Western world via,
                                                               click~ Viking ships...

"Come on Mr. Jangles follow me...
"did you ask mommy first"

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